Cheese Bank‘s yield-farming in progess, Cheese now rise to $0.7, APY can reach to 5000% at present

On October 11, Cheese, a lending protocol yield-farming token issued by decentralized digital bank Cheese Bank, rose to a maximum of US$0.7, then fell back to stabilize to US$0.68, achieving a maximum increase of 300% in three days. At present, the total value locked (TVL) on the Cheese Bank smart contract exceeds US$8 million, and Uniswap’s liquidity is over US$500,000, and the project has entered a period of rapid growth. According to analysis, compared with the prices of other lending platforms, Cheese Price is most likely to reach a target of US$10–18, which has big space for going up.

Cheese Bank’s core innovation mechanism “LP Tokens can be used as collateral” has attracted much attention. It has been reported by Yahoo Finance, PR News Agency, and CoinSpeaker etc.

*Investment advice: Cheese Bank has passed the SlowMist Smart Contract security audit.

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